Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Going to Sudan!

After a year and a half of praying and waiting, I am finally going to the Sudan!  The desire to go first came in September 2008 as I was leaving for college.  All of last year I prayed about going, and the Lord finally made it clear to me to go, but that I must also be patient.  Now, this summer, I will be serving in the Sudan with In Deed and Truth Ministries for eight weeks.

The missionaries I will be with, Sabet and Suzy Kuj, I know from my home church in San Diego, Horizon North County.  Since 1998 they have been in the Southern Sudan region sharing the gospel and being a light in a very dark place.  The country itself experienced an intense period of civil war from 1983 until 2005, and the war-torn people of the South had it the worst.  Today, the Kuj's run a Bible school for village pastors and operate the only medical clinic in their region, serving a population of over 30,000.  As I am there this summer, I will be helping in both: teaching in the school and helping in the clinic.  I cannot wait to go.

Of course, going to Sudan isn't free, though.  The total cost of my 8-week stay will be $4000.  Half of that cost I plan to pay from personal savings and part-time work at school.  The rest of the funds will have to come from friends and family.  If you would like to support me this summer, you can mail a check made out to "In Deed and Truth Ministries" to the following address:

In Deed and Truth Ministries
P. O. Box 51253
Colorado Springs, CO 80949-1253

Any donations are tax-deductible.  Please leave my name in the memo.

In the Kingdom of Heaven, the currency of prayer is worth much more than the currency of the dollar.  So please pray for my journey this summer.  Pray that the gospel may go forward unhindered by violence and unrest.  Pray for the Holy Spirit's blessing to work miracles in the clinic and stir revival in the hearts of the people.  Pray for my safety and obedience to the Lord as I invest my summer there.  Also, please pray that I may have opportunity to visit a child I sponsor through Compassion International, who is living in Uganda, just south of Sudan.

Thank you, and God bless!

Daniel Crawford

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